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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


​Robin is currently the Dean of and a Full Professor in the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Canada. He has published over 170 articles, books, chapters, and conference papers in the area of technology in education and has taught in the field of computer science, mathematics, educational technology and teacher education for over 30 years. His current projects include research on online and blended learning in secondary and higher education, e-learning, video podcasts, scale development, and technology-enhanced learning. Dr. Kay received his M.A. in Computer Applications in Education at the University of Toronto and his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (Educational Psychology) at the University of Toronto.

Robert is an international educator of thirty years’ experience. He is the Founding Director of the hybrid organisation, ‘Developing Real Learners’ the main function of which is to help schools build learning communities, enable young people to become the best holistic learners they can be and coach trainers, leaders, educators, parents and young people to develop holistic learners leveraging the strengths of both their culture and shared humanity. He is currently working to launch the Academy of Learner Development to support schools with affordable high-quality professional development for holistic learning communities!​

Beatriz Erazo, a Fulbright alumna who holds an MA in TESOL, is a teacher trainer with more than 28 years of teaching experience. She teaches at Bolivian Catholic University and the Higher University of San Andrés in La Paz, Bolivia, and is passionate about promoting reflective learning/teaching and critical thinking. She is currently serving as Chair for the English as a Foreign Language Interest Section at TESOL International Association.

Leeds Polytechnic Nursery Nursing Have collaborated with UHCNR as a teacher for refugee children and adults Have worked with ECHO100 PLUS,Mercy Corps as a teacher for refugee children and adults Have collaborated with Cengage Learning and National Geographic on the Welcome to Our World second edition Teacher trainer at the Study Rooms Teacher trainer at International Publishers

Feruz Akbarov is a philanthropist by nature so he has committed himself to volunteering, public engagement both at home and abroad, physically and remotely. There are several projects to his name such as TED Master virtual speaking club, 20-minute talk with the Founder, Zoom workshop for ESL teachers and others. He has become an international ESL/EFL Instructor due to his extensive teachings abroad and his international teacher qualifications. He is one of the fewest English teachers from Uzbekistan with international C2 level. Mr. Feruz Akbarov has been the most celebrated International Model United Nations participant from Uzbekistan with 7 awards. Since 2020 he has firmly established his online presence across various international platforms as a successful international public speaker. He is the founder of a newly established ETA Uzbekistan (English Teachers’ Association). His motto in life is ‘Take the first step’.

Miranda Crowhurst is Twinkl’s ESL Creative Manager, a key player in Twinkl’s ESL strategy, resource production and marketing. With 10 years of teaching experience, she is a co-founder of Language Connection, a language institute in Bolivia, and recently completed her MBA with the University of Birmingham. She’s best known for her ‘Hey, English!’ videos, which have been watched by millions online.​

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Marianne has been in ELT since 2000 and has taught all levels in Ireland, New Zealand, Europe and online. She has written 5 x 200 hour English language courses (awarded levels 3 & 4 by FETAC) "Phonetics for Learners of English Pronunciation" and the pronunciation consultant and author for x3 kindergarten and x6 primary phonics books for plurilingual children in Spain and Latin America, for SM Publishers, Madrid, Spain

Yvonne is a British teacher starting in various roles in the U.K. such as Special Educational Needs (S.E.N.), Early Years Development, primary education, and coordinator of a children’s play facility.  In 2004, Yvonne moved to the South of Spain to teach in a bilingual environment, emphasizing English as a Second Language (E.S.L), literacy, and finally, as Headteacher at a British Council accredited school. Yvonne started teacher training approximately 15 years ago, working freelance for publishing companies and as a professional Jolly Phonics Trainer. She traveled extensively providing training events to schools and individuals covering all areas of E.S.L, literacy development (synthetic phonics and grammar), Social and Emotional Development, and curriculum consultancy. Yvonne is also a content writer, curriculum developer, and the author of the Macmillan Early Years Path (M.E.L.P), a runner-up for the British Council ‘ELTons’ award and she contributes extensively to Early Years and Primary editorials and develops school curriculums.

Ruth been teaching English offline and online for the last 24 years. I have set up my own online Business English School focused on providing a bespoke service for professionals who want to improve their English communication skills.

Nathan Waller is the lead teacher trainer for Macmillan Education in the MENA region. With a Bachelors and Masters in Childhood and Anthropology, he has more than 15 years of experience in young learner education, starting in pre-primary and primary in the UK before specialising in Special Educational Needs (SEN). He has lived and worked in multiple countries across the world, with experience in teaching, teacher training, assessment, and educational development.

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