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Research Paper Presentations 


Prince Sultan University, RTC Translation Connect magazine contributions

  • March 2016: Certificate of appreciation for the outstanding efforts as a regular contributor to the magazine translation connects.

  • Magazine no 2: An interview with a legend in the field of Education

  • Magazine no2 and 3 PYP students’ translation of stories supervised by Maria Zaheer

Research Contributions


  • Prince Salman Research & Translation Center (PSRTC) Research Forum for English Department presentations

  • 2017- 4th Forum: Investigating the Effectiveness of Teacher-Teacher Collaborative Learning Sessions: ESP Teachers' Professional Development in Focus

  • 2016- 3rd Forum: The Effects of Form Focused Instructions on the written production of the ESOL learners

  • 2014-2nd  : The kaleidoscopic representation of visual literacy in an EL classroom of an Arab world.

  • Represented, moderated and presented for Prince Sultan University Research for society Exhibition

  • 2016- Expo 2: Certificate of Appreciation for research contribution for 2 presentations

  •                           Certificate of Appreciation for moderating at the exhibition

  • 2015-Expo 1: Certificate of Appreciation for research contribution

Supervisor 3rd Undergrad Research Forum -2016 - February 2017

  • Insanity as a Criminal Defense: Law faculty’s perspective (freshmen)

  • Feminism in education or Beyond(Freshmen)

Supervised undergrad research for 6th Scientific Conference for Higher Education

Feburary14th 2015- paper titled “Benefits of visual literacy in PYP classrooms: students’ perspective”.

  • Won 3rd place

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