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EWJ podcast is  where we sit with educators across the globe to discuss up-to-date approaches of the theme in focus followed by some actionable teaching strategies, tips, and secrets of the trade. That will be inspiring for the listeners and help them to enhance their teaching and learning experience.

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Episode 1: Creativity in Teaching

We sat with Feruz, founder of ETA Uzbekistan to talk about how creativity in a classroom can be defined and what does really means to be creative? He shared some best practices that reflect creativity with achievable actions. This does not end hear he also added some top tips for instructors in a virtual world.

Podcast with Feruz
00:00 / 29:01

Episode 2: Pedagogy and Practice in Online Teaching 

We sat with Fayyaz, vice president of KSAALT TESOL  to talk about his experience with the challenges that occur while teaching online, engagement and motivational aspects in online classes, and best practices. We wrapped up our conversation with some great tips that can be implemented in a virtual world classroom.

Podcast with Fayyaz
00:00 / 31:13
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Episode 3: Holistic Leadership

In this episode, we sat with Dr.Nebila, Executive Director, Transformative Consulting/ YU. Our discussion led us to talk about what is holistic leadership, its nitty-gritty, and the characteristic of a holistic leader.

Podcast with Dr.Nebila
00:00 / 30:12

Episode 4: Work Together, Learn Together

This episode was all about collaboration, Lanesha Hammett is an instructional coordinator with extensive experience in teaching and learning. We had a great discussion on how to promote collaboration in the classrooms and its benefits for optimal outcomes.

Podcast with Lanesha
00:00 / 32:21
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Episode 5: Rigor in Online Assessments with Ian Cawley-Part 1

In this episode, we sat with Ian to discuss the most challenging factors educators are facing post-pandemic is rigor in online assessments we started to talk about how important it is to have rigor in assessments in general, what are some achievable actions that's reflect best practices to increase rigor in assessments followed by some top tips Ian suggested that's will help educators to combat this phenomenon.

Podcast with Ian- Part 1
00:00 / 30:28
Podcast with Ian.jpg

Episode 6: Rigor in Online Assessments with Ian Cawley-Part 2

In this episode, we sat with Ian Cawley to talk about how has Cambridge assessment helps assessors to achieve reliability and validity in the results of the test-takers, and does the Cambridge assessment framework is a starting point to increase rigor in assessments for the assessors in their individual capacity. We rapped the podcast with Ian's view about to what extent, rigor can be achievable for online assessments.

Podcast with Ian- Part 2
00:00 / 35:16
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Episode 7: Online Teaching Pedagogy 

In this episode, we sat with Dr.Robin Kay the Dean and a Full Professor in the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Canada to talk about online teaching pedagogy. He shared his thoughts about Online Learning vs Classroom Learning and some Remedial strategies to enhance the teaching and learning online experience.

Podcast with Dr.Robin
00:00 / 33:31
Podcast with Jake Whiddon.jpg

Episode 8:The Role of Language Learning Apps for Language Development

In this episode, we sat with Jake Whiddon Head of Academic & Training with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Language Teaching, edtech, Asia, Marketing Strategy, and Training. Robust information technology professional with experience as a Trinity College DipTesol course director, school operator, and speaking at global conferences. to talk about the role of language learning apps in language development.

Podcast with Jake
00:00 / 33:13
Podcast with Ethan.jpg

Episode 1: From Teachers to ELT writer: Top Tips to Get Started 

In this podcast, Ethan shared his insight about the scope of ELT writing these days. If I'm interested in becoming an ELT writer, what do I need to do? Is my ELT teaching experience good enough to become an ELT writer? What are the latest trends in ELT writing? What are the top tips you might have for our new ELT writers?

Podcast with Ethan
00:00 / 27:34
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Episode 2: Portfolios as performance-based assessments: is it the way forward?

In this podcast, Dr. Waller shared his insight about portfolio-based assessments. it is just what it sounds like. Instead of basing a student's grade only on standardized tests, unit tests, and quizzes, a portfolio is a collection of their work that shows how they've improved over time. How do portfolios work?

Podcast with Dr. Daniel
00:00 / 28:02
Podcast - Nabeeha.jpg

Episode 3: Prepping for Success: The Teacher's Guide to Back to School

Our latest podcast episode! We're diving into the world of teachers' back-to-school preparations. From classroom setup tips to strategies for student engagement, we've got it all covered. Tune in for valuable insights and expert advice to kickstart your teaching journey!

Podcast with Nabeeha
00:00 / 31:23
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