Transformation and Adaptation in Teaching and Learning Post Pandemic


 Educational Online Apps Webinar Series 




Everything Google Webinar Series 

Everything Google

Everything Google with

Pear deck

Everything Google with Excel

to arrange students grades

November Webinar Series

From Static to Interactive: is Hyperdoc the Answer?

Connect the world

with Slack

From Emergency Teaching to Optimal Teaching 

Students Engagement:Best Practice for Online Interactivity

Apps for Young Learners: From Distraction to Opportunity

Teaching Strategies Webinar Series  

Integrating Technology with Bloom's Taxonomy

Teaching Strategies For Young learners 

Research Webinar Series 

Selecting the Right Journal

Software for Referencing:Mendeley

Strategies for

Research Paper

Adolescent Females in Rural Institutions

How to Motivate Learners

Continuing Professional Development and Leadership among EFL/ESL students and Teachers

Language Assessment Refined: from Frustration to Triumph

Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health

Instructional Design Models for Online Tutoring

Analyzing the Thinking Process?” Yes, We Can Teach It!


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