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We have an impressive lineup of interdisciplinary workshops conducted online and face to face at national and international forums.

Get in touch if you wish to have a session facilitated at your institution by our esteem presenters.


1. Professional development as teacher training sessions on different aspects of teaching practices .

2. IT training on various user friendly applications and smart board

3. Research skills training 

4. Research/published papers presentations

  1. Interactive smart board (IWB) training (beginners-advance)

  2. Quiz let: A great learning tool for every student on the planet.

  3. Quiz let  live

  4. Moodle LMS

  5. Edmodo LMS

Research Skills Training


  1. Moving the proposal to a published research

  2. Writing a Full Research Paper Part 1  (This session gives researchers some tips on the first part of the paper including the introduction, literature review, research question & purpose of the study.

  • Writing a Full Research Paper Part 2 (This session will give researchers some tips on the second part of the paper including: Research design & methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion & recommendations.)

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